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Because of the nature of the quality of product Cauley Ferrari deals in, their website is required to be modern, elegant, sleek and appeal to a very demanding market. Cauley recognized this and turned to Basso Design Group to meet these high expectations. In addition to a new website, they also needed help targeted a very specific demographic with their digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

Basso Design Group designed and developed a website that matched the level that is expected by Ferrari. The new website incorporated a real-time inventory system, as well as information on all Ferrari models that was presented with the same level of class that is shown at Cauley Ferrariā€™s showroom. Once launched, a highly specific marketing campaign was also developed to target potential Ferrari customers that involved search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and email and print marketing. Since its launch, Cauley Ferrari has had to implement a waiting list for its new models, and continues to show off-the-charts national sales.

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