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El Charro was established in 1973 and quickly became known for their charming atmosphere and outstanding cuisine. Over the years, the restaurant expanded to include multiple locations across metro-Detroit, each having success in their respective regions. The brand however, did not advance nearly as much over the same period of time. El Charro approached Basso Design Group for help with brand, corporate identity, website, and social marketing. In addition, they were also looking for unique ways to drive new customers to all of their locations.

Basso Design Group began by visiting each of the locations and learning what was, and wasn’t, working. We worked with entire El Charro family to learn about what they were hoping to accomplish, and how they wanted to get there. Basso Design group then crafted a new logo and identity for the successful chain of restaurants, and laid out a new marketing plan for them to follow. It began with a new website design, followed by a very detailed social and search engine marketing initiative. Finally, to help drive new customers to all of the locations, Basso Design Group developed a mobile application which included features such as a loyalty program, push messaging, and online menus. The campaign has been a resounding success, and is a great example as to how an already established business can use new marketing methods to find growth and continued success.

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