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Kellogg’s and Campbell’s were looking for unique ways to encourage healthy living, while also promoting the ways in which their products could help consumers. They approached Basso Design Group to help develop this campaign, and market it to a nationwide audience.

Basso Design Group designed and developed a campaign which promoted healthy living, and offered consumers a discount on healthy products. The website that was developed began by asking visitors to fill out a short survey regarding healthy living habits. Depending on the answers given, each consumer was directed to specific healthy recipes which featured both companies’ products. The website also offered coupons and discounts for the ingredients used in each recipe, to further promote the brands. The campaign launched with associated print pieces and signage in grocery stores nationwide, and received millions of unique visitors within the 3 month span that the campaign was live. The campaign was hailed as a resounding success, and future campaigns are following a model similar to the one that Basso Design Group designed and implemented.

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