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As the Internet moves more toward an integrated user experience, new devices such as smartphones and tablets have become central to the user experience. New technologies, hardware, and software is released at light speed, and we pride ourselves as a leader in this field because we are constantly learning, training, and integrating these devices into our experiences.

Interactive Media

The pinnacle of our work is our very own Aftermath project. This project was developed so that viewers could learn more about what we do, while being entertained and maximizing the time on our site. A full play-through of Aftermath keeps the viewer on the website for upwards of 30 minutes, all the while teaching and showing the breadth of our capabilities. It’s a unique and innovative approach to marketing, and offers a sampling of the kinds of ideas our firm can provide for you.

iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, Google’s Android platform, and tablet PCs are indicative of the future of information and entertainment being shared and used by consumers. Whether your goal is to entertain with a mobile game or teach with an application, Basso Design Group has the knowledge to get your project off the ground. We will add our detailed touch and knowledge to any project, all the while making sure that your project takes advantage of all the features these platforms have to offer.

Online Promotions and Games

A popular marketing technique includes online contests and promotions to capture as many site viewers as possible. Basso Design Group can create these eye-catching advertisements to maximize the number of people that can be reached. Design is an extremely important factor when trying to get viewers’ attention and we can ensure that you will not be forgotten.

In addition to promotions, online games featuring or integrating your product or service are also a unique marketing method. Many consumer-oriented companies have begun promoting these on their sites as well as social media sites like Facebook. Basso Design Group can develop these applications to ensure they are fun and engaging, and that they separate you from your competition.

Interactive Presentations

If you are looking for a better presentation solution than PowerPoint, Basso Design Group can develop an animated, interactive presentation solution, using technologies such as Flash. The advantage to using Flash instead of PowerPoint is that the presentation can be much more engaging to the user, integrate features such as music and video, and also can be easily ported to the web. Interactive presentations have been proven to receive a much more positive response than traditional PowerPoint, and when selling your product or service, every little bit helps.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and that starts from the very beginning. If you have any questions, or would like to talk further regarding your project, please feel free to contact us.

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