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Since 2003, we’ve provided our clients with top end designs and applications which put them head and shoulders above their competition.

Basso Design Group is an award winning branding, communications and digital marketing agency that takes great pride in our ability to assist small, medium and large organizations, with the development of intelligent communication and digital marketing strategies. Some of our awards include the prestigious Communicator Award for Excellence, International Davey Award, W3 Award for interactive design, Clarion Award, Webby Awards, and recognition as one of the leading digital agencies in Michigan by the Michigan Design Association.

Founded in 2003, Basso Design Group holds over 12 years of experience designing and developing complex, high-performing Content Management System (CMS)-based custom application websites for over 500 clients worldwide, including Beaumont Health System, The Parade Company, City of Flint and Genesee County, Michigan State University, Michigan First Credit Union, Wayne State University, Tour Connection, and many more.

Basso Design Group has provided a variety of solutions ranging from simple websites, large 1,000+ page content-based sites, to complex multi-pronged local, national and international integrated digital marketing and branding campaigns. We know and pride ourselves on developing highly visible and intricately developed resource websites. Our websites are developed to scale appropriately based on load and required user-constraints. Our client sites currently receive millions of unique viewers per month, and perform up to the strict standards of highly trafficked and user-friendly websites. We design and develop our web experiences to be intuitive, easy to use with not having to click more than three times to navigate anywhere on the website. We pride our success on the initial approach we direct our client's through. Thorough and exhaustive planning precedes any design or development. Analyzing current navigation and user usage habits are paramount to crafting a successful web experience.

In addition to our strength in website creation, our Digital Agency also possesses a keen eye on crafting a comprehensive and intelligent digital strategy and usability analysis of your current digital initiatives. By refining current success trends your organization is employing but also recommending necessary products to enhance the market awareness to your organization, we provide an inclusive benefit to your current user base and help entice new visitations to your website.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and that starts from the very beginning. If you have any questions, or would like to talk further regarding your project, please feel free to contact us.

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