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Our creativity stems from our design studio which we designed ourselves from the ground up. Located in metro Detroit, Michigan, our offices are a testament to our creativity, and provide us with a workspace that is the talk of most people that come to visit.

Designed and developed in 2008, our design studio is a direct reflection of our creativity, design, and attention to detail. Having worked many years in traditional jobs in bland office environments, our co-founders set out to create an environment that made employees and clients happy to be there. There is no point to coming to work, if all you can think about while you're there is when you get to leave.

The office is located on the top floor of the Wilshire West building in the heart of bustling Troy, MI. From the moment you set foot in the lobby, it is clear that we set out to create an environment that felt more like a home than an office. The main work desks are unique tables, flat screen TV's are used in place of projectors, florescent lights are banned from being used, and each desk has unique lighting that fits each employees' unique personality.

From the vintage 80's toys scattered throughout the office, to the foosball table in the main area, we have strived to provide our staff with the most creative environment possible, while still maintaining the professional look and feel that clients come to expect. By designing our studio to feel more like a home than an office, we have created an environment that our staff loves to work in.

Whether you are a client, visitor, or just curious to scope out one of the nicest workspaces in metro Detroit, we invite you to visit us anytime to see the office for yourself. We always enjoy meeting new people and talking about their needs and how we can help.

We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and that starts from the very beginning. If you have any questions, or would like to talk further regarding your project, please feel free to contact us.

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